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6 Tips For Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

Exterior Paint Color Selection – 6 Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette. The exterior of your home is the first impression that guests and onlookers have of your beloved house. So how do you choose the perfect exterior paint color scheme for your home’s façade? Our teams of paint color experts are skilled and trained to help you make this very important decision and boost your curb appeal with our exterior paint color consulting. Check out these six tips for choosing your exterior paint palette:

Explore Your Neighborhood
Take a tour around your local neighborhoods to find some color schemes that you love and are drawn to. As you do this it is important to keep an eye out for styles of homes that are similar to yours. Tip: Take pictures of the exterior home colors that are your favorite and bring them along with you during your color consultation. This will help us get a feel for colors and themes that fit your personality and taste.
The Size Of Your Home
If you have a smaller home choosing lighter colors will help to visually grow your home. This concept also applies to darker color palettes; if your house feels a little too flashy for your taste we can visually shrink the appearance of your home
Home Features
Sometimes homeowners fall in love with a specific feature of a home’s exterior, whether it is an ornate trim around the house or unique window shutters our team of exterior paint experts can highlight those lovely features with a bright color that pops. But if you happen to despise your home’s window frame or other feature we can make that fixture fade into the background with a neutral color. Whatever your goals are our team of paint experts are here to make your exterior home dreams come true.
Paint Chips
If you’ve been exploring your local hardware store in search for that perfect shade of paint keep in mind that colors will intensify and often look brighter in the daylight when it is painted on the exterior of your home than they do indoors at the store.
Tip: If you do have a few paint chips that you love please bring those along to your exterior paint consultation as well. Any sort of color references are helpful!
Historically Accurate Exterior Paint Colors
Keeping your architectural style and era of your home in mind while choosing paint colors will also help ensure that your chosen exterior paint palette is a good fit. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be adventurous and choose colors that aren’t traditionally used, we just believe that it can be a good source of inspiration.
Choose Two To Three Colors
If your home’s siding is made of brick or stone pick two colors that match the undertones of this feature. If your siding can be painted then we recommend that you choose three different paint colors to create your palette. Why three colors? Well the exterior of your home can usually be broken down into three parts:
1. Field Color: The dominate color of your home.
2. Accent Color: Normally consists of doors, shutters, and other accent areas. The accent color is a great area for bold colors.
3. Trim Color: The trim is generally composed of your home’s windows, door casings, railings, roof edging, or really any other sort of trims like these.
Tip: Pick a field color that contrasts with your trim.
Below is an example of one of our past jobs where we created a custom exterior home paint palette for this home and a breakdown of the three parts of a home’s façade.
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