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If you are planning a room makeover that includes a fresh coat of paint on the walls, one key factor to consider is dry time –  paints have different dry times – Great Question! We’re a local painting company blog for interior, exterior, commercial, and residential painting customers and clients.

How Fast Does Paint Dry? Can You Speed It Up?

paint painting Procoat Painting CompanyIf you are planning a room makeover that includes a fresh coat of paint on the walls, one key factor to consider is dry time. Knowing how long it takes for paint to dry is essential for a flawless final result— a smooth, even texture with no smudges or drips. The phrase “patience is a virtue” certainly applies to paint dry time, so when in doubt, giving your walls a little extra time to cure is always a good idea.

Paint might appear dry on the surface and the top layer might even be dry to the touch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean walls are fully dry or they are ready for another coat. There are many things that affect how long it takes paint to dry, including the type of paint and painting tools used, as well as external factors such as the weather. Something to consider in San Diego, before you get started so you can paint your walls like a pro.

Dry Times for Each Type of Paint Are Different!

The chemical formula varies for each type of paint, so each has a slightly different dry time. Generally speaking, latex and acrylic paints dry faster than oil-based paint.

Latex paint will feel dry to the touch after an hour, but it is recommended to wait for four hours before applying another coat of paint.

Acrylic paint dries even faster; it is dry to the touch after 30 minutes and ready for a second coat after two hours.

Oil-based paints have a much longer dry time; it generally takes up to eight hours to be dry to the touch and a full 24 hours before a second coat can be applied.

If you are using primer, allow up to four hours for it to dry before applying paint. For the most accurate dry times, follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

So how do dry times make a difference?

Dry times are important because they determine how long it will take for a painted surface to dry. If you’re painting a room in your home, you’ll want the paint to be dry before you start moving furniture back in. 

For a general contractor, dry times can be critical when working on a tight schedule. 

Property managers and facility managers also need to be aware of dry times, as they can impact when tenants can move in or when an event can be held in a space.

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