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How Paint Can Change the Entire Feeling of a Room Before Your Eyes

The fact that paint can absolutely change the entire feeling of a room ties directly into a concept called color psychology, which itself is nothing new. It’s an idea that is based on both the mental and emotional effects that colors have on all of us in nearly every aspects of our daily lives.
Certain colors are usually associated with certain emotions – for example, when someone tells you that they’re “seeing red,” this normally means that they’re pretty angry with whatever situation they’re in. But by getting a deeper understanding of color psychology and how it works, you can gain better control over what other people feel whenever they walk into the room in question.

The Emotion of Color: Breaking It Down

As previously stated, red is normally associated with feelings like passion and aggression because it’s such a dominating color. Red can definitely add gravity to any room, making its contents feel much more important than normal.
Orange, on the other hand, is energizing in a different way – it’s usually a color people think of as being playful or energetic. Orange would be a great color to use in a place like a living room, for example, as typically these are the types of feelings you want to invoke whenever you have a party or other type of event.
Green, however, is usually seen as a natural and “stable” color – typically calling to mind images of the outdoors almost immediately. This is the perfect color for a room where you really want to convey a relaxing and soothing feeling – like a room that you use specifically to read or unwind, like a den.
Equally important to consider is the vibrancy of the color you’ve selected, which essentially refers to how light or how dark it is. If you want to really heighten the feeling that someone gets when they walk into a room, make the color of that room as dark as possible. If you’d like that feeling to be a bit more subtle, for example, lighten up on the color as much as you can. Working with the best painters on all of your commercial painting and interior painting needs can absolutely help sell these effects even more.
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