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How Paint Color Affects Your Mood/ Color Psychology

Have you ever wondered how the interior paint color inside your home affects your mood? Color psychology has long been a subject of fascination for not only psychologists but also interior designers, business owners, and advertisers. Find out how different shades and hues of various paint colors can evoke feelings of relaxation, hunger, promote productivity, or even increase blood pressure.  Paint colors that affect your mood:

What is the color psychology behind red interior paint?

If you’ve ever wondered why so many iconic restaurants like McDonalds, In N Out, Ruby’s Diner, and many others primarily use red as a stable in their décor it’s because this color stimulates appetite. Are you looking to promote conversation at the dining table? Paint your dining room red and encourage your guests to chat all night long all while growing their appetite. Plus the best part is that studies have shown that people tend to think you’re a better cook when red is in the kitchen or dining area.
Tip: Unless you’re sticking to a diet and are looking to lose weight we recommend red interior paint for your kitchen or dining room.
Red commonly symbolizes feelings of both love and anger; this hue often evokes strong feelings in people. Did you know that your blood pressure and heart rate increase when exposed to shades of red? This hue stimulates activity, heightens senses, and is often associated with romance and passion for this very reason. So if you are looking to create a romantic love nest painting your bedroom red may be your best choice.

What is the color psychology behind blue interior paint?

Blue paint generally has the opposite effect of red shades. Blue hues create a sense of calm, slow down your pulse, and lowers body temperature. If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep at night it could be due to your internal body temperature. When your body temperature falls it cues the onset of sleep, so painting your interior walls a shade of blue may actually help your body fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep. So if you are looking to relax and reconnect with your partner after a long stressful day a shade of light blue is a great tranquil option.
Tip: Blue also has the opposite effect of red when it comes to hunger. Shades of blue actually suppress appetite, so avoid adding these hues to your kitchen or dining area.
The specific feelings that you get from blue interior walls all depend on the shade that is being used. A deeper jewel tone blue like sapphire induces a sense of energy when compared its sky blue counterpart. Dark blues like navy creates drama while pale blues trick your eye into thinking that the space feels larger than it really is.
Tip: Are you feeling cramped in your small space? Looking for a way to make your room feel taller? Paint your ceiling blue to create an illusion of a taller room. By mimicking the sky your mind associates the look of the painted blue ceilings as infinite space. 

What is the color psychology behind purple interior paint?

Purple has long been the color of royalty and often feels very regal and noble. Depending on the tone or shade that you choose for your interior paint color purple can be dramatic or feel very quiet. Deeper shades of dark purple add richness to your space while light lavender hues soften a room.
Philosophers, daydreamers, and spiritual individuals are all drawn to shades of purple. This hue has long been believed to assist those who are seeking the meaning of life and provides a sense of spiritual fulfillment. Purple is also commonly believed to represent the future, imagination, and dreams, which might explain why this hue is usually a favorite among small children.
Tip: For all those who meditate consider purple as your next paint color for your walls. Shades of violet symbolize the connection between the spiritual and physical world and has been known to promote meditation, calm the mind, and relax nerves.

What is the color psychology behind yellow interior paint?

Yellow is a happy color that promotes communication, sparks creativity, and evokes memory. So if you are looking for the perfect shade to paint your office space or craft room don’t forget about yellow hues. We also love the idea of using yellow interior paint in the room that your children do their homework or even a game room to activate your memory and help you dominate in a round of trivia.
Tip: If you have a small space choosing a shade of pale yellow will actually make your room feel bigger.
Something interesting happens when your eyes take in shades of yellow; it actually stimulates your body’s nervous system. By stimulating your nervous system various hormones like dopamine, the happy hormone, serotonin, the calming hormone, and endorphins, a pain reliever. Fascinating, right?
Tip: Apply yellow interior paint near your homes entry way or enclosed front porch as one last boost of optimism as your head out the door.

What is the color psychology behind yellow interior paint?

Long associated with little girls, unicorns, and ponies pink is usually a symbol for being sweet, girly and innocent. Even though that all may be very true, especially for shades of baby pink, we are here to prove that certain hues of pink can be sophisticated and very grown up. Bright fuchsias energize your soul and create a feeling of glamor, especially when paired with pops of gold. While shades of blush create a soothing and calming affect that inspires warmth and feelings of comfort.
Tip: By pairing masculine tones of navy blue with shades of pink it balances out the femininity that is usually associated with this hue.

What is the color psychology behind orange interior paint?

Orange is one of those love it or hate it colors that is often associated with energy. It has slowly been gaining in popularity is becoming a new favorite in interior design. Hues of bright orange interior paint colors will give your body a jolt of energy so applying this shade onto the walls of your home gym will help give you that extra boost of motivation to start moving.
Love orange but not looking to overwhelm your house guests? Shades of apricot and terra cotta paint tones will create a relaxing and cozy feel. The warmth of these hues are a wonderful option for living rooms and is sure to create a welcoming feel within your home.
Tip: There have been scientific studies that show how the color orange has a direct correlation with improving lung function, so if you have a loved one who struggles with asthma or has trouble breathing consider painting their rooms a shade of orange.

What is the color psychology behind green interior paint?

Green is a repeated hue that is represented constantly throughout nature. A crowd favorite and easily the most popular interior paint color green is just one of those hues that looks great everywhere. Green often symbolizes growth and renewal and creates a feeling of harmony, is refreshing, and even therapeutic. So what does all that mean? Well in our opinion green is the perfect shade to paint your yoga room or mediation spot since it relaxes both your heart and mind. But it is also a calming shade that is great for bathrooms and spa rooms. Looking to turn your bedroom into a tranquil retreat? Look no further, shades of green will instantly turn your bedroom into a relaxing getaway.
Tip: Green also promotes concentration so don’t forget about this hue when picking interior paint colors for your office space or homework room.

What is the color psychology behind green interior paint?

What colors should I paint the interior of my home?
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