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Should I Paint Before Selling My Home?

Did you know that potential home buyer decides within the first ten to fifteen seconds of seeing your home whether they are going to buy it or not? This is why setting the stage and wowing them with a great first impression is absolutely essential to the success of selling your home. Paint is a great budget-friendly way to give your home a much-needed facelift before putting it on the market.


If the exterior of your home looks beat up, run down, or old potential home buyers will assume that your entire house is a fixer upper full of potential structural problems. Change this by adding a fresh new coat of exterior paint with the expert San Diego painters here at Procoat Painting. How do you choose the right exterior paint color?
If you have a smaller home choosing a white exterior paint color will help make your house look bigger, feel bright, cheery, and classic. According to a survey conducted by Sears Weather beater Paints, forty percent of people said that they prefer white as the primary exterior color for homes. Still not convinced that white is the paint color for you? Painting the exterior of your home white with a subtle neutral paint color on your home’s trim and other eye-catching architectural details has shown to increase the resale value and make houses sell faster.
The next most popular paint color for homes is yellow. Be sure to choose a cheerful pale yellow tone when going this route. Even though yellow is second in popularity this shade of exterior paint is known to sell the fastest on the market. Are you ready to paint your home a cheery shade of yellow? Call our team of color experts today to help you choose that perfect paint color for the exterior of your home and help it sell faster.
Tip: Muted complex shades attract wealthy and highly educated buyers.
Don’t forget about the front door and window shutters! Doors with faded or chipped paint diminish the look of the house and could turn off potential buyers. As potential home buyers walk through your front door you’ll want to wow them with a beautiful fresh coat of paint.


Warm neutrals are always a great go-to for interior paint colors when staging your home to sell. Why neutrals? Buyers need to be able to visualize their furniture in your space and often need a clean canvas to imagine the home as their own. If they have a beautiful red couch that has been in their family for years but your living room is a bright moss green they may feel overwhelmed with the idea that they will now have to repaint the homes interior to fit their furniture and aesthetics. Neutrals help avoid this problem and prevents any potential buyers from feeling a “yuck” reaction to your out of the box paint color.
Tip: Cream interior paint colors look great in online photographs. Grab potential online viewer’s attentions with stunning pictures.
Cater to the look of your home’s interior; if you live in a trendy loft consider choosing interior paint colors like shades of gray to create a chic sophisticated feel. If your home has a traditional feel it would be best to stick to neutral beiges and creams. In any case, it is best to avoid bright whites in any interior space; this interior paint color creates a dull overwhelming feeling.
Neutrals are great for larger spaces like the living room but don’t be afraid to add color in other rooms of the home. Light blues look great in bathrooms since it creates a feeling of serenity. Green is a playful gender neutral shade that is perfect for playrooms or kids rooms. Make your kitchen memorable with a bright shade of red to create a playful atmosphere!
If you are looking to spruce up your home with a fresh coat of interior and/or exterior paint in San Diego we have the experience, skills, and expertise to make your house stand out in the market!  Give us a call at (619) 777-8059.
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