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Signs to Watch Out For That Your Paint Job Could Use a Touch Up

One of the difficult things about maintaining your exterior paint job, whether you’re talking about your home or your business, is the fact that certain signs that you could use a touch up aren’t as immediately obvious as some of us might like. Sure, we’ve all driven by buildings that look like they’ve seen better days – and a new paint job is certainly in order.
But other signs are definitely more subtle and require a much more intimate level of attention-to-detail than most are used to. There are a number of spring signs to watch out for that your paint job could use a touch up in particular that are absolutely worth exploring.

The Time Factor

Perhaps the number one thing to think about when determining whether or not your paint job could use a touch up involves, essentially time itself. Ask yourself how long it’s been since your last paint job – or even since the last time you paid to have your exterior paint properly maintained. The most critical thing to understand is that even if you care for your paint exceptionally well, it will still deteriorate over time. There’s really no getting around this. In fact, exterior paint can show signs of aging in as little as three years.

The Bigger Picture

While it’s true that San Diego residents don’t have to worry about issues like snow affecting their paint job, Mother Nature still has other tricks up her sleeve – particularly when it comes to the sun. Take a closer look at an area of your paint that sees a great deal of sun exposure. Then, compare it to a place that might be heavily shaded or that just doesn’t see as much sun. If you really notice a difference in terms of shine and luster, guess what – you’re looking at sun damage, which means that it’s probably time for a touch up at the very least.

Be Mindful of Flakes

Finally, take a closer look at the outside of your environment and pay attention for areas that may be chipped or flaky. Sure, you can remove some modest flakes with something like a scraper or a wire brush – but this is and will always be a temporary solution. This is the type of problem that is only going to get worse over time, so even if you touch up today you’ll definitely want to start thinking about investing in the services of an exterior painting professional tomorrow.
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